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Body Wrap Services

Our herbal body wraps have many great benefits and are not like other wraps on the market that only produce water loss. Remove toxins internally and externally, minimize the appearance of cellulite and increase your metabolism and circulation. It also help with eczema and dry skin. 

Let's get wrapped

Single Body Wrap $135

Body Wrap w/ Assessment $150

(Includes measurements and bio tracking)

Body Wrap w/ Custom Facial $197

Body Wrap Series of 3 $363

Body Wrap Series of 6 $688

Body Wrap Benefits

Our herbal body wraps do the work for you! Holistic, relaxing and non-invasive, this treatment helps to detoxify the body internally and externally. Results of this treatment are permanent when paired with proper diet and exercise.


Inch loss of 4-14 inches in just 1 hour

Minimized appearance of cellulite

Increased metabolism and circulation

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